We Are a sustainable Forestry and Agro Business
company based in Ghana. Focusing on supply of forest and agro products in a collaborative

Why choose us?

  1. Based on renewable resources

  2. Integrated business approach

  3. Based on Agroforestry approach which is environmentally friendly

  4. Integrated production chain

  5. Long and short term

Y & M Regeneration Limited is a sustainable forestry company that aims to contribute to greening the environment whilst yielding the economic and social benefits from tree planting. Established and operated in Ghana, Y&M regenerations operates a renewable and integrated business model to provide forest and agro products on a sustainable basis.

Limited Liability Company incorporated on 14th April 2009


To ensure sustainable supply of forest and agro products in a collaborative

Nature of Business

Sustainable Forestry and Agro Business


Timber, poles, seedlings, charcoal, cash crops

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