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The African Development Bank invites you to the Gobeshona Global Conference(link is external) Africa session: Locally Led Action in the Agricultural Value Chain: A Pathway to Climate Adaptation and Resilience.


The session aims to highlight the important role of locally led adaptation action in the agricultural sector, from production, post-harvest to waste management and overall management of natural resources that support the agricultural system.

Specifically, policy makers will share practical examples of laws, policies and incentives they have developed to create an enabling environment for locally led adaptation, while entrepreneurs from the private sector will share information about innovative business solutions that enhance resilience, such as sustainable natural resource management and circular economy models to manage waste from agricultural residue.

Moderators & Keynote Speakers

Farming communities will also share their experiences on spearheading adaptive agricultural practices, while development partners will discuss financing projects that promote locally led adaptation action as well as innovative forms of climate finance that can be applied to enhance resilience and climate adaptation action.


Moderator: Edith Adera, Principal Climate Change Officer, African Development Bank

Keynote speaker: Anthony Nyong, Director for Climate Change and Green Growth, African Development Bank


  • Indie Dinala, Project Manager, Strengthening Climate Resilience in the Kafue sub-basin Pilot Program for Climate Resilience, Ministry of National Development Planning, Zambia
  • Anthony Phiri, District Planning Officer, Kafue Town Council, Ministry of Local Government, Zambia
  • Gareth Philips, Division Manager, Climate and Environment Finance, African Development Bank
  • Samuel Rigu, Founder and CEO of Safi Organics, Kenya
  • Yvonne Odame Nti, Managing Director, Y&M Regeneration Limited, Ghana


Prof. Anthony Nyong

Professor Anthony Nyong has about 30 years of experience in environmental and natural resources management, renewable energy and green growth. He’s currently the director for Climate Change and Green Growth at the African Development Bank. Before joining the Bank, he was a Senior Climate Change Specialist at the International Development Research Centre of Canada and a Professor of Climate Change at the University of Jos, Nigeria. He was a Coordinating Lead Author for the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report and a member of the IPCC Task Group on Data and Scenario Support for Impact and Climate Analysis. Mr. Nyong holds a Ph.D. in Geography from McMaster University, Canada and a D.Sc from the University of Calabar in Nigeria. He is a Senior Executive Fellow of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, a Chartered Geographer and a Fellow of the African Academy of Sciences.


Eng. Indie Dinala

Eng. Indie Dinala, Project Manager, Strengthening Climate Resilience in the Kafue sub-basin Pilot Program for Climate Resilience- Ministry of National Development Planning, Zambia. She started her career in the private sector before joining civil service in the Ministry of Higher Education. She then served as National Director for a regional initiative, Southern Africa Science Service Centre for Climate Change Zambia Office, and established strong networks within the five SADC partner countries and in Germany. She has over 17 years work experience in Science, Technology, Innovation sector; with 10 years managing climate change initiatives. Eng. Dinala has served on various Governing Boards in different sectors, and has a passion for gender mainstreaming. She holds a MA in Science, Society and Development, from IDS, University of Sussex, UK.


Anthony Phiri

Anthony Phiri is the District Planning Officer of Kafue Town Council.

Project Implementation Team Coordinator for Strengthening Climate Resilience in the Kafue Sub-basin at Kafue District (2019-present) and Namwala District (2014-2018).

Green Philip

Gareth Phillips

Gareth Phillips is Manager of the Climate and Environment Finance at the African Development Bank. Gareth has over 25 years' experience in climate change and sustainability.

Trained as a Forester, Gareth has worked in a wide variety of sectors on GHG accounting, inventory verification, the Clean Development Mechanism and Emission Trading Systems. Gareth’s work currently includes Paris Alignment within the MDBs,  the development of the Adaptation Benefits Mechanism, Green Banks in Africa; plastic recycling; and fund raising for investments into sustainably-managed commercial forestry plantations.



Samuel Rigu

Samuel Rigu is an environmental conscious agribusiness manager, a social entrepreneur and an innovator who studied Agribusiness management from The University of Nairobi Kenya. Samuel grew up in rural Kenya, where he witnessed first-hand the challenges of rural farmers such as his grandmother and neighbors for accessing affordable, high-yield fertilizer, and resolved to solve this problem. Samuel founded Safi Organics in 2015 a company that uses technology to convert farmers’ crop waste to high yielding organic fertilizers. He works full-time on the company as the Chief Executive Officer. Imagine agriculture without waste, Samuel continues to progress his passion for achieving results in agribusiness management, entrepreneurship, and environmental conservation.

Yvonne Nti

Yvonne Nti

Yvonne Nti is currently the CEO of Y & M  Regeneration Limited, a sustainable forestry private  business based in Ghana. She has a great interest in climate change and sustainability of natural resources. Yvonne holds MSc in climate change and development and BSc in Natural resources management. Also a past fellow of Alexander von Humboldt Climate protection fellowship


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